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Fixed Fees

Our fees are fixed, and based on the level of the role. Using our experience in the market we have identified seven levels for roles. Each level carries a fixed fee, which is independent of what salary you pay the successful candidate. This means you can budget easier and it removes the hassle of debating starting salaries. See table for the levels and related roles. Prices available on request.

Staged Payments

At Keeler Recruitment we understand the world of finance and recognise that cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. To give our clients peace of mind, and the help manage risk, we offer staged payments as part of our total recruitment service.

When you partner with Keeler Recruitment the fees are spread over four equal payments, and are paid by standing order. It means we can run our own streamlined and efficient accounting function. 25% of the fee is paid on the day the new employee starts, 25% is paid on the 30th day, 25% is paid the 60th day and the remainder is paid on the 90th day. Our staged payment approach is designed to complement employers’ probation periods. It eliminates any rebate wrangles and provides absolute clarity for our clients.



We are specialists in finance and accountancy recruitment. With our partnering approach, we are with you throughout the entire recruitment process in a consultative capacity.

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To add value to our recruitment service, Keeler Recruitment stays with you, after the candidate starts work. We like to make sure the candidate is successfully inducted and working well.

We tailor our support to fit your business’s induction programme, and this is included in our fees.

We also offer mentoring for the onboarding on some of our senior roles to make sure the person hits the ground running.

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