Accountancy and Financial Outsourcing

Alongside our recruitment services, we are working with External Services of Norwich our exclusive, trusted and specialist associates to offer outsourcing. An ideal way to service temporary, interim or permanent finance and accountancy needs. Rather than bring staff into your office you send the work out to experts to deliver.

External Services
Integrated Outsourcing

The team at External Services have been providing outsourcing services since 2010 covering a broad range of bookkeeping and accounting services, together with company secretarial, general management and administration services. They service several sectors including the oil, gas and renewable energy industry, shipping and logistics, construction, retail, leisure and not for profit sectors.

They specialise in providing a virtual in-house service with all the flexibility and cost savings that come with this, whilst adopting the professionalism and rigour of traditional accountancy firms.

The broad range of services offered allow External Services to join the dots together, transcend departmental boundaries and really hit the ground running – imagine having access to not just one person, but a whole team used to working at all levels and who bring the experience gained from multiple careers and multiple clients who have existing systems, all designed to ensure client satisfaction from day one. Plus you only pay for the hours you use!

“We make a difference, because we are different.”

– Billy French, MD, External Services

Replacing the need for using temporary support

  • Good temporary professionals can be a challenge to source and secure for the duration of the assignment.
  • Once you source a good temporary professional, they are often offered alternative permanent opportunities.
  • Temporary support may be unreliable, and often expensive due to agency margin.
  • Temporary staff can take valuable time to get up to speed.
  • Workers on temporary contracts may require a physical office with associated cost and risk.
  • As a business you have to pay for every day they are with you, but may not manage to fully utilise their time effectively.
  • Outsourcing is rapidly replacing the recruitment of ‘temporary staff’, for businesses looking for excellent capability and value for money.

The benefits of outsourcing

  • Outsourcing removes the time, risk and cost of employing people, including the induction, training and safety issues.
  • Outsourcing via cloud, to experts based in Norwich on the end of a phone, with your own account manager providing regular updates and liaison, and helping with improvement of systems and procedures.
  • A professional team, not one person, with capabilities ranging from basic bookkeeping to FD level, which you can access as and when you need that level, including continuity of cover for periods such as sickness and maternity.
  • Value for money, you are only billed for time used and work is delivered at the appropriate level.
  • Continued support after the assignment, so you can call on capabilities as the need arises, with no lock-in and no minimum or maximum length of assignment, so complete flexibility.

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