Keeler Recruitment’s Office Dog Daisy Becomes ‘Pets As Therapy’ Volunteer

If you’ve ever visited Keeler Recruitment HQ you may have been greeted by Daisy, a 5-year-old golden retriever who has been registered and passed her assessment to become Pets As Therapy volunteers.

Daisy is our office dog at Keeler Recruitment. She is a positive addition to our office environment and will soon be featured at Norfolk Chambers of Commerce’s upcoming event #B2B23 on October 12th.

Daisy will join the event at the Keeler Recruitment stand (stand 60) for a few hours as she prepares to start her local care home and school visits.

Celebrating 40 years, Pets at Therapy is a national charity founded by Lesley Scott-Ordish. PAT teams “bring comfort and companionship to people living in local communities who may feel isolated and lonely, help young people to improve their literacy and concentration in the classroom and can aid a patient’s recovery, rehabilitation and help improve mental health and wellbeing.”

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